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happily ever after

…once upon a time a queen remembered who the fuck she was and the game. fucking. changed. tired of living spiritually malnourished in the basement of her own LiFE shackled by chains such as mum and wife she unlocked the casing of her long lost crown freed herself from the fear of her own power and the expectations of others that had long been weighing her down…

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a (self) love story:

i tell them i met someone and their jaws soften shoulders relax they’re more comfortable with that i tell them we just started hanging out as friends and the more we get to know each other the more intense i tell them we’ve been going to all my favourite haunts galleries down alleyways plastic chair restaurants and they look at me wistful because my LOVE story is blissful: i’m dating my SELF and it’s beyond fucking beYOUtiful :what charlie wrote:

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